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The ratings from Monday nights premiere of "Almost An Embassy" are in! Do what 345 000 other viewers did: tune in the re-run of our documentary on SVT1 on Sunday the 21st at 23.55! If you somehow still managed to miss it, it is availible here: Super 16.

Tonight, Monday the 15th, our documentary "Almost An Embassy" will air on SVT1 at 20.30. If you for some reason missed that opportunity, don't worry, it will also be shown on SVT1 on Sunday the 21st at 23.55.

Decoy Film are happy to announce that Fredrik Fahlman will be orchestrating the music for swedish directing-duo Måns Mårlind and Björn Steins Hollywood-debut "Shelter". A horror-thriller starring Julianne Moore och Jonathan Rhys Meyers, written by Michael Cooney (Identity). The production company is NALA FILMS. The company recently produced "In The Valley of Elah" for which actor Tommy Lee Jones was Oscar-nominated.
We are proud to screen our documentary "Almost an embassy" on The Swedish Public Service Broadcasting Network (SVT) later this year. Get behind the scenes when The Swedish Institute is about to establish the first official embassy in the world whithin the online community Second Life.

Fredrik Fahlman has scored the new featurette by director Emelie Carlsson-Gras, "900m - below the ground". It is a co-production by the Swedish Film Institute (SFI), Swedish Television Broadcasting (SVT) and Elefantfilm. It will be premiered at Gothenburg Film Festival 2008, and aired on television later that year.

Pixels made this film. In collab with Super 16, Decoy has produced the documentary "Almost an Embassy". We’ve followed the building of the swedish embassy in Second Life, the first of its kind. Featuring the swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt, SI:s Olle Wästberg among others. Soundtrack by Bondage Fairies.

Decoy is filming for the US documentary "Recalaiming the Blade", a story about western martial arts. Narrated by John Rhys-Davies and featuring Viggo Mortensen, Karl Urban and Bob Anderson among others. Soon in theaters. Visit Galatia Films or for the full picture.

Paris is the new antidote. This is their latest, directed by Jon Svärdhagen.

In progress: A documentary about another life form. In collab with Super16.

Magnus Stenvinkel signs up for Decoy as our new producer. Magnus has recently produced Rädda Barnen and Mitt val commercials.

Some like it hot, check out our latest web spots for Sibylla.

Say Hello to our friends at Webupdate.

Fredrik is now signed to write the score to the Swedish feature film "Guidance".

Decoy Films Fredrik Fahlman has worked on Mårlind/Steins historical epic "Snapphanar" as an orchestral arranger and composer of horror/ambient-music. Out on DVD November 22.

Univeda is one of our new exciting clients. We're working on a long term film project that will see it's first light this summer.

Coming soon: Night Geometry - Fredriks dark and twisted thriller. Check out the trailer.

A breath of tomorrow. The short film "Zonen" is now Sony PSP ready. Download on request.

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Commercial - Personalvetarna "Road Show"

Jon Svärdhagen's low tech sci-fi short film "Zonen" is shipping to Germany for an exclusive release.

Feindflug's latest music video is out, signed by Jon.

Today's menu:
Commercial - "Sverigegalan"

Dark as a winter night, cold as a heart. Fredriks short film is growing.

Bagsnatcher's commercial "The party" is spinning in Sweden, UK and Germany. Directed by Jon & Fredrik. Have a look!

It's not only the first music video ever shot with a 3G-mobile phone, it's also running on MTV and ZTV. Jon directed Paris latest music video "Captain Morgan" (V2 Scandinavia).
Now, watch this drive.

Fredrik is currently working on music commissioned by the Swedish public service broadcaster - Sveriges Television (SVT). The project "Den långa resan" (The Long Trip) is planned to be broadcast around christmas.

We are proud to announce that Decoyfilms "Composer in Residence", Fredrik Fahlman, has won 1st prize in the 2005 Earplay Donald Aird Memorial Composition Competition for the piece "Autumn Melody". The award includes a cash prize and a performance by the Earplay Ensemble in San Fransisco.

Decoy will be doing a music video for Gothenburg death-jazz noise-maestros LÄDER. More info on the band at

We're happy and proud for our new client "Bagsnatcher", a brand new swedish bag company. Decoy is going to produce their first commercial.

Our Soviet built Krasnogorsk-3 16mm cam, a.k.a. The Black Russian, is on fine-tuning for our next film project.

Decoy Film starts the pre-production of the short film "Nattgeometri"

Decoy Film are in the middle of the production of the german band Fiendflug's music video "Stukas im Visier"
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Pixels made this film. In collab with Super 16, Decoy has produced the documentary "Almost an Embassy".
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